Career Development

Career development is a constant process of evolving into a well-knowledged, trained and a skillful personal. In simple words, career development is to upgrade yourself to overcome the challenges you face in this modern and competitive world. It is a lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move towards a personally determined and preferred future. Career development helps a person, often a student, focus for selecting a career or subjects to undertake in the future. Envision Career Consultancy LLP provides exclusive assistance to the students with their educational development.

Our Career Development team focuses on how individuals manage their careers within and between organizations.

In today’s world, more employers are focusing to facilitate career development and encourage their employees to drive their own careers. This study has helped us to equip the students well in advance and guide them essentially in terms of their future growth and planning.

The evolution or development of a career is informed by:

  • Experience within a specific field of interest
  • Success at each stage of development
  • Educational attainment commensurate with each incremental stage
  • Communications – the capacity to analytically reflect your suitability for a given job via cover letter, resume and the interview process.
  • Understanding of career development as a navigable process. Our counsellors are more than proficient in walking you through to perfection at each stage.