Career Counselling

  • Many students are not sure about which career to pursue and this makes the career choice more stressful. The students have to decide the path for the rest of their life in a very early age where they don’t have proper knowledge or experience of the field, he/she wants to opt for. This becomes even more difficult when the parents of the student are not well informed or don’t belong to the same field what their children want to choose as a career option. This is when you need a professional career counsellor and Envision Career Consultancy LLP has an expertise in this field.
  • Envision Career Consultancy LLP provides career counselling program which distinctly identifies each student’s interests and potential careers. This focuses mostly in the energies of the student towards a clear goal, and provides immense relief to parents as well. Envision Career Consultancy LLP have a panel of well experienced career counsellors who will help you through your academic journey to figure out your next career steps.